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What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a fully confidential, impartial, and voluntary form of resolving workplace-related disputes between work colleagues, departments, an employer and employee. The process involves an independent and impartial mediator who helps conflicting parties agree on a mutual solution following a workplace dispute that is in the best interest of all disputing parties. Our skilled and experienced workplace mediators at Prime Dialogue Mediation can help to resolve workplace conflicts without resorting to costly and extensive formal or legal procedures. We offer a fully considerate service which ensures that all involved parties get equal opportunity to express their views on the situation and their opinion on how they wish to proceed in reaching an agreement for the future.

Our workplace mediation services can be accessed to resolve:

  • Personality clashes
  • Consolidation or restructuring of teams
  • Allegations of harassment or bullying at work
  • Disputes between managers/supervisors and subordinates
  • Employees concern over ongoing organisational change

How workplace mediation works?

Our trained workplace mediators conduct an individual meeting with both parties to get their perspective of the situation and further explains the mediation process to conflicting parties. Thereafter, all parties to the conflict will be required to attend the workplace mediation session. The conflicting parties will sit down together with one or more workplace mediators in a safe space to discuss the issues.

The mediators will then help the conflicting parties to find the points of agreement which will be noted by the mediator. If both parties agree on a mutual resolution then the agreed points will be provided to both parties in writing.

How to access workplace mediation ?
To access our workplace mediation service, please complete our contact form below or call us on 020 3877 0944 alternatively, you may send your email to [email protected].